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Duncan offers a full range of parking meters from single to multi-space, designed to simplify and optimize parking management and enforcement.

Single-Space Meters

Duncan’s single-space meters range from traditional coin to smart parking meters with advanced credit card acceptance and provide motorists with an easy-to-use, reliable solution. Offering real-time meter status and wireless communication, our single-space meters offer a number of features to manage on-street parking efficiently.

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Liberty MeterEagle 2100Eagle CK

Multi-Space Meters

Designed to manage sites from a single pay station to thousands of meters simultaneously, Duncan’s Pay-by-Space and Pay-and-Display parking meters support multi-space parking for all types of facilities and environments - on-street or off-street. Offering performance and asset management, real-time reporting and wireless communication, our multi-space meters facilitate a complete and transparent view of parking operations needed to strengthen decision making, facilitate efficient enforcement and grow revenue.

Learn more about Duncan’s multi-space meters:

VM/VS Pay-by-Space MeterMX Pay-and-Display Meter