• DMVRegInfo Registration Retrieval Solution

The Ultimate Vehicle Registration Retrieval Service

Locating the registered owner of a vehicle is essential to collecting delinquent violations. Without the proper name and address, ticket revenue may be lost forever and scofflaws have an incentive to violate again and again.

However, navigating the DMV maze can be confusing, with a variety of State-specific rules, plate type issues, and contractual requirements that can inhibit data retrieval or result in cases of mistaken identity.

With DMVRegInfo, Duncan’s proprietary registration retrieval service, obtaining registered owner information is as easy as point and click. Offered to municipalities, universities, tollways and their qualified agents, DMVRegInfo provides a fast and efficient method to submit license plates for registration retrieval and download to your computer.

This service is offered in strict compliance with the Federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act and the laws of individual states governing access to motor vehicle records. DMVRegInfo streamlines the registration retrieval process by automating DMV interface best practices.

Download Duncan’s Registration Retrieval Information Sheet for more information or call (888)993-8622 to get started.